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About Us

Our success and growth has been fueled by our unwavering dedication for over 20 years. In Albrouj Developments, we've been able to work together as a committed team and work with a diverse group of talented people, as our primary reason for fulfilment. Through the years, our clients have trusted us, and we have achieved unmeasurable levels of customer satisfaction, which has established a strong bond with our clients.



We envision creating exceptional real estate developments that are fully integrated into their communities, offering Egyptians an excellent quality of life and appealing lifelong investment opportunities, where our residents and owners may lead a new lifestyle while experiencing a superior quality of life in an inspired environment.



Albrouj Group is committed to become Egypt's top quality-driven real estate company that provides first-class developments with prime locations, smart designs, optimal quality, cost-effective, integrated services, and long-term facility management services. With devotion and effort, we have constructed areas to improve the value of people's lives and help create a better tomorrow.

Our Driving Values

Every member of Albrouj team adheres to the highest standards of ethics and morality in both our personal and professional dealings, and we are never willing to compromise on the company's values.
We believe that transparency is the foundation of trust. In order to establish enduring connections based on confidence with our clients and employees, we have created an open environment to guarantee that company, customer, and employee objectives are aligned.
Our business is customer experience. That’s why we work hard to provide outstanding service and go the extra mile for every customer.


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